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Custom wooden drink coasters

custom wooden drinks coasters
custom wooden drinks coasters

Custom Wooden drinks coasters can add a personal touch to any room, but you don’t want just any old coasters, you want the perfect ones for your home! If you looking for drink coasters you’ll want some that are personal to you and your home.
Personalise them with any message, names, dates, joke or whatever you want!

Custom drink coasters are both striking and elegant, and of course personal to you. Weather your a fan of hot or cold beverages, everyone will have somewhere to safely place their drink.

Beautiful personalised wooden drinks coasters really do make a special & thoughtful gift. So for those very special occasions such as, anniversaries, wedding gifts, housewarming, or any other special event, just remember personalised drinks coasters just might be the best gift choice.

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The Sewing Room

Round 1, Strike off seamstresses.

Round 1, Strike off seamstresses.


Now that round 1 pre-order has closed we would just like to say a Massive Thank you to all our strike off seamstresses.
They all took time out of their day to sew up some wonderful things and promote this gorgeous fabric.
Myself and Phil appreciate all the hard work you all put in and hope all you lovely ladies would join us again for the next Round coming at the end of April.


Thank you to:


Amy Myers.
Sew Many Adventures.




Donna Wellburn.
Uniquely Handmade by Donna
Uniquely Handmade by Donna Facebook Group




Amy Powell.

Peanut and Moose UK



Vicki Bartley.


Bob-inns instagram





Amy bull Jr.

Curiously Koko



Aimee Ashman.

Once upon a shoe custom designs

once upon a shoe custom designs Facebook group.



Vikki Schoelzel.
Oh Sew Beautiful Facebook group





Karen Smith.
An amazing home seamstress for her children and family.














Thank You Everyone 🙂





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The Sewing Room

Round one insparation.

Round one design Insparation.

So for the past few months we here at Baby Jaze HQ  have been working extremely hard to bring you something new and exciting! We have now come to a point in our planning, designing and building, where we can not contain our excitement anymore and need to share 🙂

This week for the very first time we will be bringing you Custom designed and Printed fabric that you wont find anywhere else (eekkkkk). These designs are exclusive to us, and we have taken great care while designing these amazing fabrics.

First we have the Rainbow Dinosaur Design, I was inspired by my toddler for this design, he has one pair of Rainbow jogging bottoms that are his absolute favourite joggers and when you pair that with his most prized set of toys….. The Dinosaurs…..that i can never pronounce, haha we have a winner 🙂



Then we have the Splatter Faces, well…… what can i say? I grew up  with these faces on my TV screen and have loved them since time began so it was only fair that the mama got her favourite design too 🙂



Last but not least The Ender – Blox design was inspired by my older children, as most kids these day have some form of the popular block game on one gadget or another. I will hold my hands up and admit I had there help to get all the characters right on this one, because I really wasn’t sure which character was which. (Please tell me I’m not the only Mama that didn’t know all the names).


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